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About Us

CrewCat Clothing

Embracing the 3 c’s:-

Crew, be part of something.

Cat, who hasn’t looked at a cat and seen the easy relaxed but fun life they lead. Embrace the inner CAT.

Clothing, exactly as it says on the tin, choosing the style and colours that suit you.

We as a brand want you to enjoy what you wear and have fun whilst doing whatever activity or leisure you pursue. We aim to give our customers a personalized shopping experience. We recognize the importance of our customers as without them we have no business.

“Your clothes are a way to say who you are without having to speak”

We are a family run business set in the rolling hills of Devon, nestled between the moors and sea. Originally coming from garment printers and moving onto a clothing range to offer our knowledge and expertise to both areas. We print the designs in-house so are confident of the quality of the print. We have sourced stylish, quality clothing that you’ll enjoy wearing.

We want CCC to be a support network (“crew”) that offers fairly-priced, top quality fitness clothing and accessories to help people to feel good about themselves and inspire others to do the same. We believe that everybody should feel supported in their fitness goals, we want to use social media to bring people together, and encourage people to cheer each other on. CCC’s behaviour is that of a “cheerleader”. CCC is for community-spirited fitness enthusiasts that want practical and emotional support.

Everything in CCC’s range is designed to look good and be useful. It’s about walking into training knowing that you’re able to give it everything you’ve got and turning heads not to feel worshipped but to stand as a beacon of strength.

In July 2017, CCC started its Weekend Warrior movement. It’s an opportunity for the crew to recognize people that have really worked hard on their fitness journey – but also shared their enthusiasm with others.

CCC is sincere, down-to-earth, honest, and cheerful. It does not judge or discriminates. It approaches life with a healthy dose of gratitude, appreciating every step of the journey – even when the going gets tough. We want to create personal connections with our customers, and for our “crew members” to create personal connections with each other. It’s about building a community. We want them to view us as an advocate of their lifestyles, core values, social beliefs, and passion for community-spirited fitness. 

By encouraging the crew to celebrate other peoples’ successes, CCC is practicing what it preaches: it fully focuses CCC on its own goal – also shared by its crew members - to connect community-spirited fitness enthusiasts with each other, on an emotional level.